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7-in-7: Playboy Links

It's a new week and it's time for another 7-in-7! This is the (hopefully weekly) show where I break down a week's worth of...

3 Count: Fraud Jumping

Sony Music Entertainment sues Rdio heads for fraud, MPAA opposes Minnesota revenge porn law and Quantum Break puts eye patches on pirates.

3 Count: Perjudiced Ruling

Jay-Z wins dismissal of Big Pimpin' lawsuit, fan subtitle organization plans to take on BREIN and SoundCloud launches a radio service.

3 Count: Blurred Fees

Gaye estate wants millions in legal fees in Blurred Lines case, Pirate Bay case dropped in Sweden and Pandora tries not to repeat Spotify's mistake.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 377 – Unsafe Harbors

Court rules on Kim Dotcom's extradition, Cox loses key safe harbor battle and Pandora settles several royalty issues...

3 Count: Expedite and Extradite

Court orders Kim Dotcom to be extradited to the U.S., man who sued over Kung Fu Panda charged with fraud and Pandora settles with ASCAP and BMI.

3 Count: Pandora’s Box Set

Copyright Royalty Board raises royalties for Internet radio, Google wins lawsuit over Waze and Germany pirate site admin sentenced to 40 months.

3 Count: Catcher in the Lawsuit

Lawsuit against J.D. Salinger's trust is dropped, Anime mall agrees to change logo amid copyright fight and Pandora hinges on royalty ruling.

3 Count: Rdio Silence

Pandora buys assets from Rdio, plans to launch on-demand music service, Japan looks to comply with TPP and MPAA wants $10 million from MovieTube.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 372 – Booked and Scanned

Google prevails at appeals court in Google Book Search case, Jay Z wins Big Pimpin lawsuit and RIAA gets injunction against Aurous.