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3 Count: Windows Shut Down

Norwegian Rights Alliance targets 75k Popcorn Time users, Windows 10 spooks BitTorrent sites and public comment period begins on geoblocking in the EU.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 353 – Catching Up

Evan and I get caught up on the Supreme Court, Fox, Dish, Apple, Sony, SESAC and many more in a jam-packed episode of the Copyright 2.0 Show!

3 Count: Comeback Story

Sly Stone wins $5 million ruling over unpaid royalties, SESAC wants to have its settlement with TV stations accepted and music piracy drops in Norway.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 310 – YouTube Copyright-Apocalypse

YouTube goes on a Content ID spree, City of London Police shutter 40 pirate sites and Beastie Boys countersue Goldiebox plus much, much more!

3 Count: Norwegian Library

Norway to digitize all of its books, directors aren't authors according to one court and rare Beatles tracks released to renew copyright.

3 Count: Dished Out

Appeals court upholds Hopper ruling, Hasbro sued by toy licensing company over a toy jet and Norwegian ISP likely to have to block The Pirate Bay.

3 Count: Burning Anger

Olympic torch sparks plagiarism controversy, new anti-piracy group to start in Norway and Pirate Bay founder sentenced to prison over hacking.

3 Count: iTuned Radio

Apple announces iTunes Radio, Digital TV service found legal in Norway and Game of Thrones breaks piracy records, again.

3 Count: Hopped Over

Fox reups attack against Dish's Hopper, The Pirate Bay gets new hosting providers and Calvin and Hobbes mashup site shuttered over copyright dispute.

3 Count: Buried Lede

CBS buries Hopper win at CNET, Department of Justice fights back against Megaupload claims and Norway seeks to block pirate sites.