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Copyright and the First Super Bowl

The first Super Bowl was though to be lost to history. But when a man with a taped copy came forward, he ran into some unique copyright challenges.

3 Count: Hot Yoga, Hot Ruling

Appeals Court rules yoga poses can't be copyrighted, another rules on Christmas song termination case and DeadSpin's Twitter account suspended.

3 Count: Another Challenger

The NFL and MLB team up against Aereo, NMPA and Rap Genius agree to negotiate and Belgium orders blocking of all Pirate Bay proxies.

3 Count: Nevermore

MPAA joins the Baltimore Ravens to argue in favor of fair use, YouTube says it can't restore all counter-noticed videos and broader EU licensing framework unveiled.

3 Count: BTJunked

BTJunkie voluntarily closes, Richard O'Dwyer gets an ally in his fight against extradition and Chrysler's Super Bowl commercial pulled off YouTube.

3 Count: Big Screen

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Will Your Big-Screen Super Bowl Party Violate Copyright Law? First off today,...