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3 Count: Google Doubleheader

Supreme Court declines to hear Google Book Search case, Google and Oracle fail to settle Java dispute and Amazon introduces monthly Amazon Prime pricing.

3 Count: Appealing Monkey

PETA appeals loss in selfie monkey case, Nigerian musician sued by photographer and Netflix jumps into the Google DMCA game.

3 Count: Primal Rage

Serbian photojournalists protest new legal interpretation, 'uncrackable' DRM coming to more games and new database targets Netflix geoblocking.

3 Count: VPN-N-Out

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Dylan Thomas Photos Copyright Case Dismissed in Dublin First off today, Huw Thomas at...

3 Count: Proxy Wars

Mike Huckabee responds to Eye of the Tiger lawsuit, Netflix says it will start blocking proxies and more copyright trouble for the Tokyo Olympics.

3 Count: TPP Debut

The full text of the TPP is released, researchers unimpressed with Google's anti-piracy efforts and Warner Brother hints at delaying shows on Netflix.

3 Count: Netflix and Bicycles

Pandora settles pre-1972 sound recording lawsuit with the RIAA, Netflix sued over The Bicycle Thief, Google opposes site delisting over copyright.

3 Count: Rorschach Test

Members of Survivor lash out at Kim Davis, 2600 threatened by Getty Images over inkblots and Netflix explains lack of offline viewing.

3 Count: Oregon Trail

Oregon and Oracle trade blows in copyright infringement battle, Copyright Alert System extended four months and Australia sees drop in piracy rates.

Should Your Site Block VPNs and Proxies?

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, allow anonymous users to access your site. Sadly, that includes spammers and scrapers. It is time to block VPNs?