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5 Important Copyright Questions Before U.S. Courts

Copyright is an ever-changing landscape, here are five cases to watch if you're interested in public domain, pre-1972 sound recordings and more!

3 Count: Zimmered Up

Hans Zimmer wins lawsuit over 12 Years a Slave score, Twitter bans user after he posts a GIF from the Olympics and Mozilla launches EU copyright petition.

Plagiarism In Pop Culture: Mystery Science Theater 3000

When plagiarism visited the Satellite of Love, Mike and the bots responded pretty much exactly how you would expect them to.

3 Count: IP Freely

Court rules IP address not sufficient evidence, filmmaker sues musician over live production and game removed from Steam over stolen assets.

3 Count: Some Ultra-Litigation

Pure Flix sued over God is Not Dead, YouTuber sued by composer of Clockwork Orange and SoundExchange appeals Copyright Royalty Board ruling.

3 Count: Zeppelin Trial

Led Zeppelin heading to trial in Stairway to Heaven case, appeals court overturns ruling that stopped Miss. Attorney General's Google investigation...

3 Count: Batman v Superman v Piracy

Warner Brothers pushes back release of Batman v Superman in parts of Russia BPI asks for tougher takedown rules and France's largest Usenet provider raided.

3 Count: Sly Exit

Slysoft shutters after 13 years of selling anti-DRM software, Army restricts Chelsea Manning's mail due to copyright and new study says piracy hurts movies.

5 Christmas Copyright Myths

Like it or not copyright plays an important part in Christmas and, with it, comes a slew of copyright myths that refuse to enjoy a silent night.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 373 – Sea Shanties and Shaking

MPAA takes down Popcorn Time and YIFY, Taylor Swift beats a lawsuit against her, Aurous forced to continue fighting and we discuss sea shanties.