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3 Count: Hacked Up

Sony Pictures sued over piracy following hack, Ghostface Killah must face Ironman lawsuit and Kickass Torrents operator hires Kim Dotcom's lawyer.

3 Count: I am Not Iron Manrefyryqqavddxvbffwrxyxsbfxceaszrtz

Iron Man lawsuit dismissed on jurisdictional grounds, Dallas Buyers Club LLC gives up in Australia and author Cassandra Claire sued for alleged infringement.

3 Count: Socially Awkward Threat

Getty threatens site over using socially awkward penguin meme, UK man sentenced to 4 years for copyright infringement and Disney sues over cakes.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 358 – Aereo’s Ending

This week on the Copyright 2.0 Show, we look at the end of the Aereo case and the beginning of a new bill on radio royalties.

3 Count: Groovy Damages

Grooveshark damages trial begins, Disney/Marvel sued over Iron Man costume at the same time they settle Broadway dispute.

6 Current Copyright Cases More Important Than Blurred Lines

Last month, the Blurred Lines case got a great deal of media attention, here are six cases that were overlooked that could be much more important.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 347 – Swift Execution

Taylor Swift pulls her music from Spotify, Supreme Court passes on Sherlock Holmes case and broadcasters secure an injunction against Aereo.

3 Count: Spaced Oddity

Marvel seeks the identity of a potential trailer leaker, Space Oddity cover is back on YouTube and court hits frivolous plaintiff with 85k in legal costs.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Special Eps 2 – No Mana

Marvel and Jack Kirby settle copyright termination case, SiriusXM loses key battle over pre-1972 sound recordings and Kim Dotcom loses big in elections.

3 Count: Super Settlement

Marvel and Jack Kirby estate settle their copyright termination case, Lionsgate hopes to track down Expendables leaker and Google/News Corp trade barbs.