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3 Count: Golden Oldies

SiriusXM settles lawsuit over pre-1972 sound recordings, Cox and Rightscorp battle over discovery and Marvel wants Iron Man lawsuit tossed.

3 Count: Terminator 2

George Clinton's music ruled a work for hire, Senators propose new cell phone unlocking bill and Jack Kirby estate gets more support at the Supreme Court.

3 Count: Back in the Saddle

Back from a week away, we discuss the Sherlock Holmes public domain ruling, copyright termination and comics and Lady Gaga's courtroom victory.

3 Count: Legal Raid

New Zealand appeals court rules that raid on Kim Dotcom's mansion was legal, Disney wants to end Stan Lee Media's campaign for good and TV execs talk piracy.

3 Count: Superhero Dramas

Stan Lee Media loses in court again, Jack Kirby's heirs lose yet another round against Marvel and VKontakte may be looking to go legit.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 299 – Settled Ghosts

FilmOn loses big in D.C., Marvel settles Ghost Rider lawsuit, Harper Lee settles To Kill a Mockingbird case and much, much more!

3 Count: Settled Ghosts

Marvel reaches settlement in Ghost Rider lawsuit, Moneyweb sues Fin24 over alleged plagiarism and Troma loses copyright case on jurisdiction grounds.

3 Count: X2 – The Appeal

Jack Kirby estate loses appeal over copyright termination, Torrentfreak blocked temporarily by UK ISP Sky and more!

3 Count: Saipan Blues

Ghost Rider 'creator' to get his day in court, Chinese pirate sentenced to 12 years in prison and Pandora buys a terrestrial radio station for better royalties.

3 Count: Marvel-ous Ruling

The latest on Jack Kirby's defeat at the hands of Marvel, copyright lawyers borrow from each other and how Breakout won copyright protection in 1992.