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3 Count: Roc-A-Fella

Judge rules designer not owed royalties for Roc-A-Fella logo, composer attempting to get more royalties from 50 Cent and Cloudflare in the crosshairs.

3 Count: Catcher in the Lawsuit

Lawsuit against J.D. Salinger's trust is dropped, Anime mall agrees to change logo amid copyright fight and Pandora hinges on royalty ruling.

3 Count: Booked and Scanned

Google wins big in Google Book Search case, Fox wants lawsuit over Empire dismissed and Japan tries again to find a logo for the 2020 Olympics.

3 Count: Rare Victory

SiriusXM gets a rare win in its battle over pre-1972 sound recordings, Nike Jumpman lawsuit is dismissed and Amazon changes royalties for lent ebooks.

3 Count: Red Card

Popular sports streaming sites blocked in the UK, Jumpman case gets a day in court and last Pirate Bay co-founder finishes his sentence.

What Kind of Logo Do You Get for $50,000?

When a designer asks three Fiverr sellers to create logos for him, he gets a mess of shoddy work and plagiarism. But what about more expensive logos?

3 Count: Weird Settlement

Weird Al settles case with Sony over royalties, Baltimore Ravens can use old logo for historical purposes and Santa Claus is Comin to Town to stay with EMI.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 305 – Shot Down

isoHunt closes a day early, Prenda's finances possibly exposed, Jack Kirby's estate and Stan Lee Media lose again and much more!

3 Count: School Logo

Game developer accuses of using copyright to silence critic, Japanese firms sue U.S. company in Japan and California high school forced to change logo.

3 Count: Fake Slim Shady

Eminem sues Facebook over advertisement, UK ISPs ordered to block two sites and Khloe Kardashian pulls t-shirt after threat from New York state.