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3 Count: Beaming Away

CBS and Paramount may soon drop Axanar lawsuit, Australia shelves three strikes for the time being and Disney is heading to Netflix.

3 Count: Grilling Examination

Oracle grills Android's creator on the stand, Swedish appeals court approves seizing The Pirate Bay domain and music licensor sues Ted Cruz's campaign.

3 Count: Textual Dealings

Justin Bieber ordered to be deposed in Somebody to Love case, Nikki Sixx and other musicians target YouTube and Textra SMS sends warnings to pirates.

3 Count: Fraud Jumping

Sony Music Entertainment sues Rdio heads for fraud, MPAA opposes Minnesota revenge porn law and Quantum Break puts eye patches on pirates.

3 Copyright Stories that Aren’t Newsworthy

Copyright news often isn't news. Whether it's the Diary of Anne Frank being pulled, ASCAP or BMI suing a bar or Disney seeking help from its employees.

3 Count: Tidal Forces

TIDAL sued for alleged unpaid royalties, Radionomy sued for alleged pirate radio operation and PRS announces new anti-piracy tool.

7-in-7: Sly and Soft

Slysoft shuts its doors, RIAA wins default judgment against MP3Skull and the DoJ tackles music licensing on this episode of the 7-in7.

3 Count: Blurred Fees

Gaye estate wants millions in legal fees in Blurred Lines case, Pirate Bay case dropped in Sweden and Pandora tries not to repeat Spotify's mistake.

3 Count: Renewed Vows

CBS defends blocking Time Warner customers, China vows to do more to protect news content and US Government releases previously seized domain.

3 Count: Mega Postponed

One Media wins large music licensing award, Megaupload civil proceedings delayed and John Oliver takes aim at Facebook privacy/copyright notices.