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3 Count: Textual Dealings

Justin Bieber ordered to be deposed in Somebody to Love case, Nikki Sixx and other musicians target YouTube and Textra SMS sends warnings to pirates.

3 Count: Fraud Jumping

Sony Music Entertainment sues Rdio heads for fraud, MPAA opposes Minnesota revenge porn law and Quantum Break puts eye patches on pirates.

3 Copyright Stories that Aren’t Newsworthy

Copyright news often isn't news. Whether it's the Diary of Anne Frank being pulled, ASCAP or BMI suing a bar or Disney seeking help from its employees.

3 Count: Tidal Forces

TIDAL sued for alleged unpaid royalties, Radionomy sued for alleged pirate radio operation and PRS announces new anti-piracy tool.

7-in-7: Sly and Soft

Slysoft shuts its doors, RIAA wins default judgment against MP3Skull and the DoJ tackles music licensing on this episode of the 7-in7.

3 Count: Blurred Fees

Gaye estate wants millions in legal fees in Blurred Lines case, Pirate Bay case dropped in Sweden and Pandora tries not to repeat Spotify's mistake.

3 Count: Renewed Vows

CBS defends blocking Time Warner customers, China vows to do more to protect news content and US Government releases previously seized domain.

3 Count: Mega Postponed

One Media wins large music licensing award, Megaupload civil proceedings delayed and John Oliver takes aim at Facebook privacy/copyright notices.

Plagiarism Today is No Longer Creative Commons

After 13 years of using Creative Commons, including 10 on this site, this is the first post that is not licensed under CC terms.

3 Count: Rorschach Test

Members of Survivor lash out at Kim Davis, 2600 threatened by Getty Images over inkblots and Netflix explains lack of offline viewing.