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3 Count: In-Flight Entertainment

Universal Music wins big in case over in-flight music, UK moves to increase criminal punishment for infringement and Prince's death a loss for copyright.

3 Count: Fraud Jumping

Sony Music Entertainment sues Rdio heads for fraud, MPAA opposes Minnesota revenge porn law and Quantum Break puts eye patches on pirates.

3 Count: Really Massive Settlement

CoStar and RealMassive settle their copyright case, Hong Kong abandons its copyright legislation and Google/Oracle criticized by judge in Java case.

3 Count: Georgia Peach

Publishers fight over right to print Georgia's legal code, Fox and Dish settle their dispute over AutoHop and Cassandra Claire hits back at her lawsuit.

3 Count: New York Whines

New York Times sues publisher of critical book, Serbian photographers celebrate legislative victory and MP3Tunes founder accused of hiding assets.

3 Count: I Know Infringements

Taylor Swift battles with artist, Hong Kong copyright legislation hits a speed bump and Dallas Buyers Club case faces dismissal in Australia.

3 Count: Blurred Appeal

Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams appeal Blurred Lines ruling, Germany museum sues Wikimedia Foundation and EU legislation tackles geoblocking.

3 Count: Liquid 7

Hong Kong pushes for new copyright legislation, Denmark's largest torrent site, NextGen, shutters and Prenda Law attorney forced to liquidate assets.

3 Count: Rdio Silence

Pandora buys assets from Rdio, plans to launch on-demand music service, Japan looks to comply with TPP and MPAA wants $10 million from MovieTube.

Peter Pan and the Copyright that Never Grew Up

Peter Pan is known as the boy who wouldn't grow up, but he's also the copyright that won't expire thanks to a unique law in the UK.