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3 Count: Dancing Prince

Appeals court rules copyright holders must consider fair use when filing DMCA notices, Joss Whedon wins dismissal of 'Cabin' lawsuit and more!

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 364 – Smoking Gunsrcuuqvcexuezfwattcdw

Happy Birthday plaintiffs claim to find their smoking gun, Ray Charles Foundation can challenge termination claim and Pandora suffers royalty setback.

Reddit and the Problem with Hands Off Administration

Reddit recently found itself at the center of another content controversy, this time over celebrity nude photos. Is there a better approach?

3 Count: Project Played-Out

Japan considering a copyright extension, trade group backs of on copyright claims over safety standards and Playlist ditches Playlists...

The Varying Ethics of Plagiarism

Is ghostwriting a form of plagiarism? What about recycling your content? These aren't easy questions and sometimes the deed itself hardly matters at all.

The Cyberlocker Shakeup and What It Means for You

The Megaupload's closure, cyberlocker sites are in panic mode and are making sweeping changes to their services. How does this affect you?

Eps 199 – Legal Challenges

The latest on Righthaven, the U.S. Copyright Group, TV Shack and Much, Much More!

How Not to Handle Abuse

For a Web host, handling abuse is a messy matter. It is important to have a strategy ready to keep spammers at bay, qualify...

Performancing Legal Issues Forum

If you need help with a specific case of plagiarism or another legal issue common to bloggers, here is your chance to get some fast, free help.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 45

It's been another crazy week of copyright news and, as usual, Chris and I try to sum it all up in one short hour of humor, news and views.