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3 Count: Torrentz Downpour

Torrentz BitTorrent search engine goes offline, Kickasstorrents domain up for sale and designers in the UK get new rights to their work.

3 Count: Kickass Rebornrefyryqqavddxvbffwrxyxsbfxceaszrtz

Kickass Torrents come back, in clone form at least, Beyonce hits back at Lemonade lawsuit and cable industry responds to FCC set top box proposal.

3 Count: Non-Exclusive Lawsuit

Tidal sued over Kanye West exclusivity, Australian record labels seek to block Kickass Torrents and Moschino says graffiti can't be copyrighted.

3 Count: Notoriously Marketed

USTR releases its notorious markets report, EU court rules no permission is needed for linking and Russian music site ordered to have domain seized.

3 Count: Melting Away

Associated Press wins key decision over Meltwater, GoPro finds itself in a DMCA controversy and more torrent sites blocked in the UK.

3 Count: Not Surprised

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Viacom Appeals YouTube Copyright Infringement Case First off today, in news that...