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Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 282 – Meme Battle

Spain escapes the Special 301 list, Aereo preemptively sues CBS, Dr. Phil goes after Gakwer, Harper Lee sues her agent and much more!

Copyright, Memes and the Perils of Viral Content

With the recent lawsuit by the creators of Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat, many are wondering about the relationship of copyright and memes.

3 Count: Mockingbird Blues

Harper Lee sues to reclaim To Kill a Mockingbird rights, Aereo preemptively sues CBS in Boston and meme creator clarifies Scribblenauts lawsuit.

3 Count: Scribble… Not.

Special 301 Report released, Spain spared, Ukraine upgraded, Revenge porn lawsuit targets hosts and meme creators target Scribblenauts.

3 Count: Play Them Off…

This is daily column on Plagiarism Today where the site brings you three of the days biggest, most important copyright and plagiarism news links....