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3 Count: Led Balloons

Led Zeppelin wins Stairway to Heaven trial, German court says digitizing public domain work grants new copyright and CBS and Paramount lay down fan film law.

3 Count: Cars vs Autobots

Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven lawsuit makes it to the jury, Disney sues Chinese filmmakers over Cars clone and Facebook inks deals with creators.

3 Count: Stairway Opening

Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven lawsuit gets underway, band sues to have This Land declared public domain and VidAngel sued by four movie studios.

3 Count: Google Prevails

Google prevails at jury trial against Oracle, popular YouTubers sued for copyright infringement and Led Zeppelin's attorneys accuse plaintiffs shenanigans.

3 Count: Really Massive Settlement

CoStar and RealMassive settle their copyright case, Hong Kong abandons its copyright legislation and Google/Oracle criticized by judge in Java case.

3 Count: Oracle Debacle

Oracle wins $50 million award against Rimini Street, Inglewood ordered to pay critic's legal fees and Jay Z takes stand in Big Pimpin' trial.

3 Count: Blurred Jury

Blurred Lines case is handed to the jury, textbook publishers seek new evidence against Georgia State and USTR releases new notorious markets report.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 278 – Ravenous Lawsuit

Broadcasters lose Aereo injunction, Prenda Lawyers plead the fifth and Baltimore Ravens continue wrangling over their 1996 logo...

3 Count: Infringing Survey

isoHunt asks for a jury trial, TV broadcasters want to know what Dish and Aereo are discussing and a university survey causes a copyright spat.

What the RIAA Judgment Means to Me

Typically, on this site, I avoid talking about general copyright news and instead like to focus my words on news, tips and tricks that...