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3 Count: Hungarian Rock

Kanye West sued for alleged infringement by Hungarian musician, Australian authors express concern over proposals and Hi Score Girl to go back on sale.

3 Count: 3D Dispute

Star Trek fan film creators respond to Paramount's lawsuit, Japan arrests 44 for piracy and 3D printing sparks a dispute on eBay.

3 Count: Trans-Pacific Pens

Trans-Pacific Partnership is signed, Led Zeppelin suffers setback in Stairway to Heaven lawsuit and Hasbro sued over My Little Pony font.

5 Biggest Plagiarism Stories of 2016 (So Far)

2016 has barely gotten started and we're already snowed in with all of the plagiarism controversies. So, here's a quick wrap up ahead of lengthier coverage.

3 Count: Proxy Wars

Mike Huckabee responds to Eye of the Tiger lawsuit, Netflix says it will start blocking proxies and more copyright trouble for the Tokyo Olympics.

3 Count: Rdio Silence

Pandora buys assets from Rdio, plans to launch on-demand music service, Japan looks to comply with TPP and MPAA wants $10 million from MovieTube.

3 Count: Booked and Scanned

Google wins big in Google Book Search case, Fox wants lawsuit over Empire dismissed and Japan tries again to find a logo for the 2020 Olympics.

3 Count: Met Ball Blues

New TPP draft and discussion papers leak, street artist sues over dress worn by Katy Perry and The Hotplate can stay on air in Australia.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 338 – Twitching Out

Twitch causes uproar over new copyright enforcement system, VK meets record labels in court for the first time and TorrentShack disappears, reappears.

3 Count: Silent Twitch

Twitch TV begins muting matched audio, Jay Z must defend older claims in sampling case and Square-Enix Japan offices raided over alleged manga infringement.