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3 Count: Jay-Z Redux

Jay Z settles a sampling dispute and buy a music streaming service on almost the same day while James Cameron sued again over Avatar.

3 Count: Evidently Denied

Kim Dotcom loses bid to see more of the evidence against him, James Cameron wins another Avatar lawsuit and sports photog survives summary judgment.

3 Count: A Bit Late

Publishers file suit against Hotfile, James Cameron wins another Avatar lawsuit and the Columbia Journalism Review angers photo editor with infringing image

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 306 – Happy Halloween

ISPs appeal order to identify suspected pirates, Aereo sued again, U.S. government fixes copyright blunder and much more!

3 Count: Try, Try Again

RIAA and BPI correct copyright mistakes on their sites, Belgian government sues to stop ISP levy lawsuit and one more appeal in Avatar lawsuit.

3 Count: Graffiti Louvre

Judge refuses to lift FilmOn X injunction, Graffiti artists threaten legal action over building destruction and Avatar judge may be disqualified.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 303 – Anonymous No More

Thirteen members of Anonymous indicted in DDOS attacks, Aereo's case grows even larger and James Cameron wins Avatar lawsuit...

3 Count: Anonymous Indictment

13 people arrested in connection with Operation Payback, James Cameron wins Avatar lawsuit and Fox wins Burn Notice lawsuit.

3 Count: Lacking Class

Authors Guild lose class action status on appeal, photographer sues Perez Hilton over lifted photos and another Artist sues over Avatar.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 271 – DMCA Evasion

Someone DMCA's the site they plagiarized from, iOS 6 gets a jailbreak, Google and French papers reach a deal and much, much more!