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10 Years of PT: 2013 – Small Battles, Small Wars

Where 2012 was a year of epic struggles, 2013 was a year of frequently but small skirmishes, both in front of and behind the scenes.

3 Count: In the Banc

Innocence of Muslims case before the 9th Circuit a 2nd time, Spanish newspapers want Google News back and isoHunt resurrects The Pirate Bay (sort of).

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 305 – Shot Down

isoHunt closes a day early, Prenda's finances possibly exposed, Jack Kirby's estate and Stan Lee Media lose again and much more!

3 Count: Early Closure

isoHunt shuts down a day early to avoid archiving, Singapore mulls blocking infringing sites and TotalBiscuit's YouTube review is restored.

3 Count: Ending IsoHunt

IsoHunt settles with MPAA, agrees to close, authors have spat over interview and artists respond to BitTorrent ads with new campaign.

3 Count: Curiously Absent

Sherlock Holmes is getting closer to being public domain, MPAA wants $750 million from isoHunt and Toni Braxton loses rights to 27 songs.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 278 – Ravenous Lawsuit

Broadcasters lose Aereo injunction, Prenda Lawyers plead the fifth and Baltimore Ravens continue wrangling over their 1996 logo...

3 Count: Infringing Survey

isoHunt asks for a jury trial, TV broadcasters want to know what Dish and Aereo are discussing and a university survey causes a copyright spat.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 277 – MMS Mistakes

IsoHunt loses its appeal, AP scores a big win over Meltwater, wireless carriers get MMS infringement case tossed and much more!

IsoHunt, Veoh and the Rules of DMCA Safe Harbor

With the Veoh and IsoHunt rulings coming down recently, here's how things are looking for DMCA safe harbor protections and the sites that use them.