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Turnitin Revamps, Renames its Core Product

Turnitin has relaunched its core product and rebranded it as Turnitin Feedback Studio. What does this mean for Turnitin users and the industry as a whole?

10 Years of PT: 2013 – Small Battles, Small Wars

Where 2012 was a year of epic struggles, 2013 was a year of frequently but small skirmishes, both in front of and behind the scenes.

Plagiarism Today Sponsors Plagiarism Education Week

Turnitin is holding its annual Plagiarism Education Week series of webcasts and, just as last year, Plagiarism Today is a proud sponsor.

Turnitin Releases Update on Student Copying Study

Turnitin has released an update to its previous study on where students are copying from, so what, if anything, has changed?

5 Things I want to Discuss at the 5th International Plagiarism...

As I look forward to the upcoming 5th International Plagiarism Conference next week, here's a look at the things I'm excited to be thinking about...

PT Attending 5th International Plagiarism Conference

Next week I will be in Newcastle, UK attending the 5th International Plagiarism Conference. I'll have live updated during the day and a recap afterward.

Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers Tops for Academic Copying

iParadigms, the makers of Turnitin, have released a new study about where on the Web students copy from, the results may surprise you.

Teachers: You’re Handling Plagiarism Wrong

If there's one thing the controversy over WriteCheck shows, it's that instructors have lost sight of what's important in the plagiarism battle.

Elaine Scott’s Copyright Folly

Elaine Scott is suing Scribd. However, her copyright folly could make it harder for you to protect your own work in the future.

3 Count: Strange Days

Got any suggestions for the 3 Count. Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Students Reach Settlement in Turnitin Suit First off today, iParadigms, the makers...