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3 Count: A New Challenger

A new challenger shows up to claim ownership of Happy Birthday to You, EU plans to legislate hyperlinks and Bob Goodlatte goes on tour in California.

3 Count: (N)intentional Infringement

Oracle gets a key victory over Rimini Street, Authors guild asks for piracy filters and Nintendo shutters Game Boy Advanced emulator.

3 Count: Proactive Fight

Showtime and HBO proactively sue boxing streamers, Foxtel wants expansion of site blocking bill and US Register of Copyrights to testify on copyright reform.

3 Count: Arch Rivals

Cisco sues startup over copyright and patent infringement, copyright-focused House subcommittee gets a new head and Google nixes Pirate Bay apps.

3 Count: Expendable Leak

House Judiciary Committee hosts a hearing on copyright remedies, Northwestern University sues former employee for taking files and Expendables 3 leaks.

3 Count: Unlimited Kindling

U.S. Copyright Office tells Aereo it's not a cable company, House Judiciary Committee holds another copyright reform hearing and more!

3 Count: Broken and Arcane

Music industry reps testify before congress about song licensing, UK considers punitive measures after ISP warnings fail and Pitbull song at center of suit.

3 Count: Aereo Defeated

Aereo loses big at the Supreme Court, U.S. Trade Rep releases Special 301 report and new hearings in Congress over music licensing.

Some Thoughts on DMCA Safe Harbor

With the recent hearings on the safe harbor provisions of the DMCA, it's time to look at the law and ways that it might be improved.

3 Count: Going En Banc

Garcia's Innocence of Muslims copyright registration is denied, House Judiciary Committee has a hearing on DMCA notices and hip hop show draws a lawsuit.