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3 Count: Hopping Settlement

NBCUniversal settles with Dish Network over AutoHop, Fox News and TV Eyes appeal their case and Led Zeppelin trial concludes day four.

3 Count: Unsettled Hopper

The Fox/Dish case over the Hopper DVR is unsettled, second grader earns right to sue over tshirt design and copyright troll heads to the UK.

3 Count: Hopping Ahead

Judge sides with Dish Network in AutoHop copyright case, New Girl lawsuit is dismissed and American Airlines and Universal may be squaring off.

3 Count: Hopped Over

Fox loses another bid for an injunction against Dish Network, Marvel asks the Supreme Court not to take Jack Kirby case and more Section 6 back and forth.

3 Count: Aereo’s Aftermath

Aereo pauses after Supreme Court ruling as fallout from it spreads to other case and Malibu Media wins right to look at copyright alert notices of defendant.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 306 – Happy Halloween

ISPs appeal order to identify suspected pirates, Aereo sued again, U.S. government fixes copyright blunder and much more!

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 301 – Permanent Redirect

Fox falls short again on Hopper DVR dispute, Aereo may be scoring another win and Google Book Search case may be winding down.

3 Count: Slinging Around

Fox fails to get injunction against Hopper with Sling, Eminem/Facebook case gets a court date and cosplayer threatened over carpet pattern.

3 Count: Tomorrow Escaped

Dish wish wins another round in the 'Hopper' case, the White House asks the FCC to legalize cell phone unlocking and no lawsuit for 'Escape from Tomorrow'

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 294 – Melting Away

AP and Meltwater settle, Viacom appeals YouTube ruling again, Hopper is upheld on appeal and much, much more!