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3 Count: Lawsuit Trimming

Warner/Chappell seeks dismissal in Happy Birthday lawsuit, Ministry of Sound sues Spotify over playlists and Six Strikes has little impact on Pirate Bay traffic.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 291 – Disconnect Defanging

France stops disconnecting suspected pirates, a fan subtitle site is shuttered in Sweden and the Prenda drama gets even more strange...

3 Count: Struck Out

France ends piracy disconnections, Australian journalists worry about future royalties and Pirate Bay founder appeals criminal hacking sentence.

3 Count: Blocking Intel

Hadopi disconnects its first pirate, Intel looks to launch virtual cable company and a new virus pretends to be collecting copyright fines from the FBI.

3 Count: French Revision

French government ponders weakening its three strikes system, Young Jeezy sued over lyrical plagiarism and Aereo expands to Atlanta...

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 275 – Soap Opera

This week, we talk about the soap opera surrounding Prenda Law, the Pirate Bay founders losing their appeal and a legal setback for Kim Dotcom.

3 Count: Sneak Peek

HADOPI in France looks to taget streaming sites, AP gets support in its case versus Meltwater and Comcast shows us its strikes.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 269 – Disney Horror

Kim Dotcom launches Mega, EFF files brief in Meltwater case, more newspapers lift Twitter images and horror movie filmed at Disney without permission.

3 Count: Counteroffer

French newspapers and Google fail to reach a deal, Mega is plagued with security concerns and Hadopi plans to expand despite budget cuts.

3 Count: Penny Thoughts

In France, HADOPI hands out its frist fine, Canada's Mint drops royalty claim over penny image and fake versions of WIndows spread viruses.