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3 Count: Pretty Fly Indeed

The Offspring sell the rights to nearly their entire catalog, Google sued again in Germany by publishers and UK town makes piece with book publisher.

3 Count: Burn Unit

Sirius XM suffers another setback in its case against The Turtles, Sweden released suspect in The Pirate Bay case and Google News shutters in Spain.

3 Count: In the Banc

Innocence of Muslims case before the 9th Circuit a 2nd time, Spanish newspapers want Google News back and isoHunt resurrects The Pirate Bay (sort of).

3 Count: No Spanish News

Google News to ditch publishers in Spain, FCC to vote on a change that might save Aereo and EZTV returns after Swedish police raid.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 347 – Swift Execution

Taylor Swift pulls her music from Spotify, Supreme Court passes on Sherlock Holmes case and broadcasters secure an injunction against Aereo.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Special Episode 3 – Not Groovy

Grooveshark loses big, the Turtles move on to a new target after a positive ruling and the MP3Tunes ruling gets trimmed...

3 Count: Can’t Leave

DreamWorks wins Kung Fu Panda lawsuit after sudden withdrawal, Fox News sues media search engine TV Eyes and German papers stick with Google News.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 289 – Branding Problems

Tenenbaum loses another appeal, WiPO countries reach agreement on treaty for the blind and BitTorrent has a serious branding issue.

3 Count: Opt-In News

Google News becomes opt-in in Germany, Microsoft battles to save its YouTube app and movie studios trying out new timetables for streaming.

3 Count: Portugal’s Next!

Protuguese newspapers seek payment from Google, Danish artist loses case over critical collage and CIAPC takes down Pirate Bay parody site.