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Tag: google book search

3 Count: Google Doubleheader

Supreme Court declines to hear Google Book Search case, Google and Oracle fail to settle Java dispute and Amazon introduces monthly Amazon Prime pricing.

3 Count: Statutory Decision

Swedish Supreme Court rules against Wikimedia over statue photos, U.S. Supreme Court delays decision in book search case and more!

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 372 – Booked and Scanned

Google prevails at appeals court in Google Book Search case, Jay Z wins Big Pimpin lawsuit and RIAA gets injunction against Aurous.

3 Count: Booked and Scanned

Google wins big in Google Book Search case, Fox wants lawsuit over Empire dismissed and Japan tries again to find a logo for the 2020 Olympics.

3 Count: Call Geek Squad

Supreme Court asks DOJ for help in Google/Oracle case, Authors Guild abandons lawsuit against HathiTrust and Chilling Effects becomes un-Googleable.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 350 – Rightscorp’s Revenge

Music publishers sue Cox Communications, Cisco sues competitor, Kim Dotcom remains free on bail and Authors Guild has its appeal heard against Google.

3 Count: Under the Gun

Second Circuit hears Google Book Search case, Kim Dotcom gets a rehearing on Hong Kong assets and more copyright extension collections coming.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 330 – Trust Issues

HaithiTrust wins key appeal over book scanning, EU court rules caching is not infringement and Beastie Boys win big over Monster Beverage.

3 Count: Fair Trust

HaithiTrust wins key appeal against Authors Guild, Warner Brothers and HarperCollins fight dirty over Hobbit rights and Carly Rae Jepsen wins Good Time suit.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 323 – Common Sensically

Authors Guild appeals Google Book Search case, RIAA sues Megaupload, Kim Dotcom may get his property back and much, much more!