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3 Count: Beaming Away

CBS and Paramount may soon drop Axanar lawsuit, Australia shelves three strikes for the time being and Disney is heading to Netflix.

3 Count: Damn… Girl?

Justin Timberlake and Will.I.Am sued over 'Damn Girl', Spotify responds to David Lowery's lawsuit and Australia's site blocking to get its first test.

3 Count: Opened Eyes

TVEyes gets a partial reprieve from its injunctions, Foxtel plans to start trying too block sites next year and a new report looks at piracy and ads.

3 Count: All Dragons, No Dungeons

Dungeon & Dragons lawsuit is settled, Foxtel planning site blocking lawsuit and Beijing Olympics song accused of ripping off Frozen.

3 Count: Proactive Fight

Showtime and HBO proactively sue boxing streamers, Foxtel wants expansion of site blocking bill and US Register of Copyrights to testify on copyright reform.

3 Count: Undermine Craft

Australia may go back to the drawing board inc copyright reform, EU court rules libraries can scan copyrighted books and Minecraft sale rumors spark worries.

3 Count: Gangnam Profits?

Foxtel wants UK-style site blcoking in Australia, Kim Dotcom gets go ahead to sue New Zealand spy agency and how much as Gangnam Style made?