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7-in-7: Playboy Links

It's a new week and it's time for another 7-in-7! This is the (hopefully weekly) show where I break down a week's worth of...

3 Count: ReDigi Returns

EU court advised that linking to infringing works is not an infringement, ReDigi moves to appeal its loss over used music and much, much more!

3 Count: Midnight Syndicate

YODA aims to make it easier to resell products with software, Midnight Syndicate sues Insane Clown Posse's label and Content ID flags purring cat.

3 Count: Sling Big

Judge rules in favor of Dish in dispute with Fox over AutoHop and Sling, Costco wins big in lawsuit against Omega and alleged Madonna leaker arrested.

3 Count: ReDigi DeDon’t

ReDigi loses as judge says reselling MP3s is unlawful, The Hollywood Reporter settles code theft case and YouTube/Viacom continue sparring.

3 Count: Imports Allowed

Supreme Court ruling favors textbook-importing student, ivi is denied it's petition to the Supreme Court and EU study finds piracy doesn't harm sales.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 259 – Sandy Halloween

This week we talk about Halloween, Hurricane Sandy, first sale, Circumvention rulemaking and nearly every TOS you've read...

3 Count: Empty Museum

3D renderings spar copyright scuffle, museums closely watch a Supreme Court case on first sale and Cherokee artists get better copyright protection.

3 Count: Resale Royalties

U.S. visual artists could soon be seeing resale royalties, Triple Town case moves forward and Warner on the warpath against Amazon vendors.

3 Count: Feeling Used

Capitol Records sues used digital music retailer, Righthaven's domain is auctioned off and Microsoft targets a major Chinese electronics distributor.