Tags File-sharing

Tag: File-sharing

3 Count: Expensive Street

Rimini Street ordered to pay $74 million to Oracle, UK lawmakers warn of unintended consequences and Kenyan photographer accuses Chris Brown of infringement.

3 Count: Uploaded Defeated

GEMA wins victory over Uploaded in German court, City of London Police raid pirate streaming service and Olympic swimmer in trouble over image.

3 Count: Great Tweet

MPAA wants copies of Megaupload's servers, Justin Bieber's team misses expert witness deadline and Donald Trump fan video removed on copyright grounds.

3 Count: German Shepherding

YouTube found not liable in Germany, US Commerce department wants lower copyright penalties in the U.S. and Amazon seeks to create a Spotify killer.

3 Count: I Don’t Know… Third Base

Cloudflare ordered to stop serving the new Grooveshark, Amazon leaves the MIC coalition and Who's On First becomes the center of a broadway dispute.

3 Count: Cold Hotfile

Appeals court upholds $540,000 stamp judgment, Australian ISPs have a month to reach deal with content creators and Hotfile settles with publishers.

3 Count: Big Air

Photographer sues over iconic Air Jordan logo, Apple, Google and more sued over streaming pre-1972 recordings and Apple patents legitimate file sharing.

3 Count: Mega Chatty

Lionsgate names the Does in the Expendables 3 lawsuit, Cox responds to music publishers and Kim Dotcom launches MegaChat.

3 Count: Mr. Roboto

Class action suit filed against Rightscorp over robocalls, Kim Dotcom remains out on bail with restrictions and Activision targets glitch videos.

3 Count: Monkey Selfie

Lionsgate wins restraining order over Expendables 3 leak, comic book artist uses DMCA to target critic and monkey selfie center of Wikipedia legal dispute.