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Could H3H3 Lose?

We have updates on the H3H3 lawsuit and we're going to look at both what has happened in the case and the prospects moving forward.

3 Count: Google Prevails

Google prevails at jury trial against Oracle, popular YouTubers sued for copyright infringement and Led Zeppelin's attorneys accuse plaintiffs shenanigans.

Understanding the H3H3 Copyright Lawsuit

A new lawsuit against the YouTube channel H3H3 Productions has rallied the YouTube community so let's take a dive into the case and see what's going on.

3 Count: Virtual Piracy

Google/Oracle case goes to the jury after closing arguments, Australian government denies copyright changes and Oculus DRM broken in a day.

3 Count: The Android Oracle

Oracle explains how Google's Java implementation hurt them, OKCupid data leak is shut down with a DMCA notice and Universal appeals VKontakte ruling.

3 Count: Coming to a Radiohead

Cartoonist's family decries Radiohead music video, UK Intellectual Property Office talks to Facebook and Google and piracy leads to hunger strike in India.

3 Count: Billion Dollar Battle

Google and Oracle set for round 2 in Java API case, Aussie ISPs don't want to pay costs for site blocking and Rolling Stones send a message to Donald Trump.

The Matthew Santoro Plagiarism Scandal

YouTuber Matthew Santoro, famous for his list videos, has been accused of plagiarism in several of his videos. What does this mean for Santoro or YouTube?

3 Count: Even More E-Reserved

The GSU e-reserves case takes yet another twist, the producers of Ballers want the lawsuit against them dismissed and AdultDVDTalk case dismissed.

3 Count: Google Doubleheader

Supreme Court declines to hear Google Book Search case, Google and Oracle fail to settle Java dispute and Amazon introduces monthly Amazon Prime pricing.