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3 Count: MS-DONT

European Commission begins work on a European single market for broadcasters, Russia sets to crack down on social media piracy and more!

What the Brexit Means for Copyright

The recent Brexit vote will have significant changes for both the EU and the UK. Copyright law will also be impacted, in some unpredictable ways.

3 Count: Do You Stay?

Kendrick Lamar sued over his song I Do This, European Commission clarifies some of the upcoming single market changes and can you copyright a language?

3 Count: ReDigi Returns

EU court advised that linking to infringing works is not an infringement, ReDigi moves to appeal its loss over used music and much, much more!

3 Count: Songwriter Settlement

Spotify and the NMPA reach a settlement over mechanical royalties, 9th Circuit declines to rehear dancing baby case and EU court rules on public wifi piracy.

3 Count: Dry Levies

Anne Frank's diary posted online despite objections by claimed rightsholders, EU strikes a blow against copyright levies and the MPAA weighs in on net neutrality.

3 Count: Blurred Appeal

Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams appeal Blurred Lines ruling, Germany museum sues Wikimedia Foundation and EU legislation tackles geoblocking.

The Strange Copyright Case of Anne Frank’s Diary

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl is the center of a copyright controversy as rightsholders claim it has a new co-author and a copyright extension.

3 Count: A New Challenger

A new challenger shows up to claim ownership of Happy Birthday to You, EU plans to legislate hyperlinks and Bob Goodlatte goes on tour in California.

3 Count: Windows Shut Down

Norwegian Rights Alliance targets 75k Popcorn Time users, Windows 10 spooks BitTorrent sites and public comment period begins on geoblocking in the EU.