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3 Count: High Five Wifi

EU's highest court rules open wifi providers not liable for infringement, Indian court rules photocopied textbooks legal and Torrenthound shutters.

3 Count: EU Proposal

EU proposes copyright reforms that could bite Google and YouTube, content creators hit back against FCC set top proposals and VidAngel is weird...

3 Count: Playboy Hyperlink

Playboy secures win over hyperlinking in the EU, Woodie Guthrie's publisher hits back in This Land lawsuit and Eminem Trial Date set.

3 Count: Proud and Prejudiced

EU proposal could change relationship between YouTube and record labels, Kim Dotcom's extradition hearing live streamed in all its dullness and more!

3 Count: Additional Arrests

Kickass Torrents investigation expands with two more arrests, new EU copyright rules could mean restrictions on search engines and Richard Prince sued again.

3 Count: Zimmered Up

Hans Zimmer wins lawsuit over 12 Years a Slave score, Twitter bans user after he posts a GIF from the Olympics and Mozilla launches EU copyright petition.

3 Count: MS-DONT

European Commission begins work on a European single market for broadcasters, Russia sets to crack down on social media piracy and more!

What the Brexit Means for Copyright

The recent Brexit vote will have significant changes for both the EU and the UK. Copyright law will also be impacted, in some unpredictable ways.

3 Count: Do You Stay?

Kendrick Lamar sued over his song I Do This, European Commission clarifies some of the upcoming single market changes and can you copyright a language?

3 Count: ReDigi Returns

EU court advised that linking to infringing works is not an infringement, ReDigi moves to appeal its loss over used music and much, much more!