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3 Count: Co-Authored Diary

The Diary of Anne Frank gets a co-author and a copyright extension, the MPAA wants a broad injunction against Movietube and another blow to Prenda Law.

The 3 Most Common Plagiarism Excuses I Hear

When plagiarists get caught, they tend to reach for a variety of excuses. However, those excuses almost always fall into one of three categories.

3 Count: Fair Trust

HaithiTrust wins key appeal against Authors Guild, Warner Brothers and HarperCollins fight dirty over Hobbit rights and Carly Rae Jepsen wins Good Time suit.

5 Reasons Why Plagiarism in Journalism Will Likely Get Worse

Though Jonah Lehrer, Jayson Blair and the summer of sin are behind journalism, it's likely that the problem with plagiarism is only going to get worse...

5 Reasons Journalism Still Struggles with Plagiarism

In journalism, publications have been sluggish in tackling plagiarism issues. But while some of the major causes are very clear, so are the dangers.

The Varying Ethics of Plagiarism

Is ghostwriting a form of plagiarism? What about recycling your content? These aren't easy questions and sometimes the deed itself hardly matters at all.

When Plagiarism Pays – iThenticate Blog Post

Jonah Lehrer's $20,000 honorarium for his Knight Foundation speaking engagement drew a great deal of criticism, most of it justified.

3 Count: Autoflop

TV Networks fail to get injunction against AutoHop, Google responds to actor's copyright lawsuit and Philippine Senator may face plagiarism allegation

Journalists: It’s Time to Get In Front of Plagiarism

If one thing is clear from the recent plagiarism scandals, publications needs to stop being reactive and start being proactive on the topic.

The Fall of Jonah Lehrer

Jonah Lehrer survived his self-plagiarism scandal last month only to resign after details of fabrication emerged. It's time to look back at what happened.