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How Web Spam is Evolving

Web spam is changing as is how it impacts your site. Here are some of the common trends and what you can do to protect yourself and your work.

Google: We Don’t Penalize Duplicate Images

Google has addressed the role that duplicate images play in its search results, saying that it has no impact at all. What that means for you.

MailChimp Responds, Fixes Duplicate Content Issue

MailChimp reached out to me to let me know that the duplicate content issue has been fixed. Robots.txt files have been added to the relevant servers.

How MailChimp Hurts Their Customers’ SEO

Email service provider MailChimp is a popular tool for sending out newsletters, but is a feature on the service creating unwanted duplicate content?

PlagSpotter Updates Interface, Improves Service

PlagSpotter claims to have improved its service to fix its weaknesses. How well did it do and is it ready to compete with Copyscape?

How Accurate is Google with Detecting Duplicates?

Google says that it's rare for duplicates to rank above original works in their search engine. But how accurate is that? One site aims to find out.

The SEO Benefits and Drawbacks of Creative Commons

As bloggers and other webmasters mull over the issue of SEO many wonder if and how Creative Commons fits in with their SEO strategies.

Can Blekko Help Detect Copied Content?

The new search engine Blekko offers a new way to detect plagiarism and other duplicate content, but how well does it work?

Stopping Self Content Theft

Though we should always be diligent with monitoring how others use our content, we should be equally carefully about how how use our own work.

Workfriendly Goes Offline

Safe-surfing site and "accidental scraper" Workfriendly is now offline after more than two years of pushing duplicate content into Google.