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3 Count: Spoiler Alert

Expert witness can stay in Stairway to Heaven case, Prenda Law loses appeal and must pay sanctions and spoiler group hit with copyright cease and desist.

3 Count: Unexpected Endorsement

Photog sues Instagram over failure to remove infringing images, car sim removed from Steam over copyright claim and Internet Association supports TPP.

3 Count: Soundcloudy Future

Soundcloud launches Soundcloud go music streaming service, default judgment issued against 3 BitTorrent sites and study shines light on DMCA issues.

7-in-7: Dance Baby, Dance

Appeals court modifies dancing baby verdict, Oracle sues HP Enterprise and PETA files an appeal in the monkey selfie case.

Top 7 Reasons DMCA Notices Are Rejected

Filing a DMCA takedown notice is both very easy and very difficult. A simple mistake can get your notice rejected, here are 7 to avoid.

3 Count: Dumberer-er

Richard Prince in a new copyright dispute, Dumb and Dumber To the subject of massive lawsuits and Tumblr sees wave of copyright takedowns over music.

Announcing New DMCA Takedown Form & Service

Today I'm launching a new form at CopyByte to make the easiest, fasted and most cost-effective way to request a DMCA takedown notice.

A New Partnership to Help Stop Revenge Pornography

With a new partnership, I am teaming up with a non-profit to provide even more help to victims of revenge/nonconsensual pornography.

3 Count: Call Geek Squad

Supreme Court asks DOJ for help in Google/Oracle case, Authors Guild abandons lawsuit against HathiTrust and Chilling Effects becomes un-Googleable.

3 Count: Trust Issues

Apple to face antitrust trial over FairPlay DRM, Firedrive stops working amid rumors of copyright action and Grooveshark responds to recent court loss.