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Defending Yourself Against DMCA Abuse

False DMCA notices are rare, but if one does happen to you and your site, you can easily survive it if you are prepared and know what to do.

5 Ways to Protect Your Privacy When Sending DMCA Notices

Sending DMCA or other copyright notices can mean putting your personal information in the hands of infringers. Here's how to prevent that.

3 Count: Pirate Advertisements

Michelle Phan says she had permission for tracks, Google launches ads targeting likely pirates and eviction protest sparks copyright debate.

3 Count: 100 Million…

AFP and Getty ask court to toss Morel ruling, Sony/ATV settles 'Blurred Lines' lawsuit and record industry sends Google its 100 millionth DMCA notice.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 309 – Hot Settlement

MPAA and Hotfile settle, French court orders search engines to delist sites and postal service sued over statue of liberty stamp.

3 Count: Not So Wonderful Life

Paramount threatens to block planned It's a Wonderful Life sequel, Automattic sues two over false DMCA notices and Pirate Party gets observer status at WTO.

WHOIS Privacy, Security and Copyright Enforcement

A recent proposal by ICANN aims to protect the WHOIS database from prying eyes. But there are serious problems with WHOIS privacy.

The Problem with Battling Bad DMCA Notices

Bad copyright takedowns have been in the news a great deal lately. But what can be done to stop them and is the law really the problem?

Understanding the New Google “Pirate Penalty”

Google announce that it will factor copyright notices into its results algorithm, will this quell online infringement or hurt legitimate sites?

Video Log Update – 06/01/12 – Takedown Special

This week in the video log, we look at when good DMCA notices go bad, one hosts that charges for takedowns and Google ripping the lid of its DMCAs.