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3 Count: Google Peacemaking

VidAngel hits back at the movie studios, Google drops case against Mississippi Attorney General and Google release new report on piracy.

3 Count: Cars vs Autobots

Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven lawsuit makes it to the jury, Disney sues Chinese filmmakers over Cars clone and Facebook inks deals with creators.

3 Count: Stairway Opening

Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven lawsuit gets underway, band sues to have This Land declared public domain and VidAngel sued by four movie studios.

3 Count: Beaming Away

CBS and Paramount may soon drop Axanar lawsuit, Australia shelves three strikes for the time being and Disney is heading to Netflix.

3 Copyright Stories that Aren’t Newsworthy

Copyright news often isn't news. Whether it's the Diary of Anne Frank being pulled, ASCAP or BMI suing a bar or Disney seeking help from its employees.

3 Count: I am Not Iron Man

Iron Man lawsuit dismissed on jurisdictional grounds, Dallas Buyers Club LLC gives up in Australia and author Cassandra Claire sued for alleged infringement.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 376 – Happy Birthday Indeed

Happy Birthday lawsuit settled, Disney sends DMCA notices to Star Wars fan and FIlmOn is told it can't stream TV under a statutory license.

3 Count: Leto’s Lawsuit

Jared Leto sues TMZ over leaked video, Elvis Presley estate battles over Germany royalties and Disney DMCAs photograph of purchased action figure.

3 Count: Socially Awkward Threat

Getty threatens site over using socially awkward penguin meme, UK man sentenced to 4 years for copyright infringement and Disney sues over cakes.

3 Count: All Dragons, No Dungeons

Dungeon & Dragons lawsuit is settled, Foxtel planning site blocking lawsuit and Beijing Olympics song accused of ripping off Frozen.