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When Typefaces and Fonts Meet Piracy and Plagiarism

Most people don't give a second thought to typefaces and fonts, but those who create them are in a unique copyright and plagiarism situation.

3 Count: Unsettled Hopper

The Fox/Dish case over the Hopper DVR is unsettled, second grader earns right to sue over tshirt design and copyright troll heads to the UK.

3 Count: #Merican Idol

Fashion designer discovers duplicate shirt at Target, Harvard sues several exam preparation sites and film producers call Copyright Alert System a failure.

Plagiarism is More Than Just Text Problem

With plagiarism, it's often too easy to limit the dialog to just text, but as this piece shows, plagiarism is a problem across many types of work.

3 Count: Pirate’s Return

The Pirate Bay returns after 50+ days down, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams hit back in Blurred Lines case and Aston Martin sues over similar car.

What Kind of Logo Do You Get for $50,000?

When a designer asks three Fiverr sellers to create logos for him, he gets a mess of shoddy work and plagiarism. But what about more expensive logos?

U.S. Copyright Office Redesigns Website

The U.S. Copyright Office has launched a redesign of its site, here's what's new and what you should expect.

3 Count: Standing Still

Music publishers scramble to find new licensing solutions, Cody Foster threatens Flickr user and the most downloaded torrent in 2013 was legal.

3 Count: French Disappearance

Paris Court orders search engines to remove 16 pirate sites, Spike Lee in a tussle over posters for Oldboy and FilesTube hits 10 million Google DMCA notices.

3 Count: Evolving Characters

Sarah Palin and her PAC sued over 9/11 photograph, Sherlock Holmes copyright status up for debate again and more!