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3 Count: The Android Oracle

Oracle explains how Google's Java implementation hurt them, OKCupid data leak is shut down with a DMCA notice and Universal appeals VKontakte ruling.

3 Count: Kiss and Make Up

Michelle Phan and Ultra Records settle their lawsuit, Carpathia Hosting wants to erase Megaupload servers and Microsoft updates TOS to pirates' horror.

Phishing Scam Targets Photographers Protecting Copyright

A scandal involving an image scraper accused of phishing creators has brought new focus on how creators can protect their copyright and their privacy.

3 Count: Cheat Code

Grooveshark co-founder dies unexpectedly, Ashley Madison turns to DMCA to help after hacking and Chinese film accused of plagiarizing Cars.

3 Count: Printed Levies

Megaupload founder threatens legal action against Leaseweb over data erasure, EU to put copyright levies on printers and DOMA ruling may impact copyright law.

3 Count: Arbitrary Arbitron

Brett Gibbs asks to be excused from paying penalties, Arbitron sues another broadcaster and Google talks ad-supported piracy with music industry reps.

3 Count: Nocache Please

Browser caches NOT an infringement in the UK, Broadcasters want another chance at an Aereo injunction and Arbitron settles data use case.

3 Count: New Zealand First

New Zealand Copyright Tribunal convicts its first alleged file sharer, Arbitron sues over media ratings and more companies join Google in fighting German legislation.

3 Count: Pay Up

U.S. clears Megaupload users to get their data, if they pay, artists' widow sues dealers over reproductions and students fights pirates in Europe.

3 Count: Conflicted Interest

ACTA suffers a setback in the EU, Fate of Megaupload's data to be heard and Google/Oracle case to begin Monday.