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Plagiarism Today is No Longer Creative Commons

After 13 years of using Creative Commons, including 10 on this site, this is the first post that is not licensed under CC terms.

Why I Am Backing Away from Creative Commons

I've been using Creative Commons Licenses for 13 years. However, soon I'll be stopping. The reason is very straightforward: It's not right for me.

3 Count: Independent Spirit

Reps present draft bill to make U.S. Copyright Office independent. prayer sparks copyright fight in TV miniseries and BPI launches copyright portal.

3 Count: I’m in Space…

Court tosses injunction against copyright troll critic, media companies demand NZ ISPs drop VPN service and Flickr launches Public Domain license.

3 Count: Idaho Public

Idaho law students seek to put state laws in the public domain, Got to Give it Up sales skyrocket as jury deliberates and CC logo makes MOMA debut.

Elog.io: Fixing Image Attribution

Elog.io is an attempt to help pair images with their attribution, but can this service succeed where so many others have failed?

Can You Revoke a Creative Commons License?

The recent backlash against Flickr over its sale of Creative Commons photos has sparked an interest in changing and revoking CC licenses.

The Flickr/Creative Commons Photo Flap

Flickr's decision to print and sell Creative Commons images has generated a backlash, but is it deserved and what does the law say?

Wylio Revamps Creative Commons Image Search

Wylio, a tool for finding and embedding Creative Commons photos, has launched version 3. Here's what's new.

Unglue.it: Kickstarter Meets Creative Commons Books

Unglue.it offers a way for authors to crowdfund the open licensing of their ebooks. But is it an approach that you should consider?