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Defending Yourself Against DMCA Abuse

False DMCA notices are rare, but if one does happen to you and your site, you can easily survive it if you are prepared and know what to do.

3 Count: Nevermore

MPAA joins the Baltimore Ravens to argue in favor of fair use, YouTube says it can't restore all counter-noticed videos and broader EU licensing framework unveiled.

Flickr Blunder Shows Problem with DMCA Counternotices

When Flickr accidentally deleted Mirco Wilhelm's account, along with his 4,000 images, they unwittingly illustrated an ugly truth about the DMCA process.

The Facebook, the DMCA and the Problem with Counternotices

When Chunlou Yung created a Facebook group for the movie "Let Me In", he didn't realize that it would be come a case study in the DMCA and counternotices.

7 Common Questions About DMCA Counter-Notices

The DMCA notice-and-takedown system has a rarely used flip side that can restore works wrongfully removed. Here are some of the more common questions answered.