Tags Copyright termination

Tag: copyright termination

3 Count: Hey Jude…

Paul McCartney seeks to reclaim rights to some of the classic Beatles songs, UK court rules 8-second clips can be infringing and more!

3 Count: Bag of Donuts

9th Circuit upholds Warner/DC Superman rights, MPAA strikes deal to remove pirate domains and IIPA and others petition USTR on piracy.

3 Count: Hot Yoga, Hot Ruling

Appeals Court rules yoga poses can't be copyrighted, another rules on Christmas song termination case and DeadSpin's Twitter account suspended.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 370 – Happy Unbirthday

Happy Birthday copyrights ruled invalid, judge rules fair use in tongue-wagging photo case and Rick Ross isn't shufflin after all...

3 Count: Spam Flood

Kim Dotcom extradition hearing begins, Victor Willis of the Village People wins attorneys fees in termination case and Google has a new spam problem.

3 Count: Go Joe!

GI Joe creator seeks to reclaim copyright, Rick Ross loses Hustlin' decision against LMFAO and Apple to appeal ebook price fixing to Supreme Court.

3 Count: Careful, Hotplate!

The Ray Charles Foundation can challenge copyright terminations, dueling kitchen shows spark lawsuit in Australia and IFPI talks royalties, YouTube.

3 Count: Grand Theft Music

Rightsholders ask Swedish court for Pirate Bay blockade, Smokey Robinson and ex-wife settle on copyright termination issue and GTA loses some tracks.

3 Count: Super Ending

Supreme Court declines to hear Superman case, Teller of Penn & Teller wins damages for stolen illusion and Russia looks to pass tough copyright laws.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Special Eps 2 – No Mana

Marvel and Jack Kirby settle copyright termination case, SiriusXM loses key battle over pre-1972 sound recordings and Kim Dotcom loses big in elections.