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Tag: Copyright-Law

3 Count: Last-Second Settlement

Fox News settles lawsuit over iconic 9/11 photo, Cox fights back against BMG's injunction request and Kanye West sees lots of piracy...

Speaking at HAuNTcon 2016

Next month I'll be speaking at HAuNTcon, where I'll be talking about how copyright and trademark intersects with haunted attractions.

3 Count: Pandora’s Box Set

Copyright Royalty Board raises royalties for Internet radio, Google wins lawsuit over Waze and Germany pirate site admin sentenced to 40 months.

The Rise of Plagiarism Spam

Spam on this site has taken a strange turn, its become about plagiarism checkers. Here's why that's dangerous and what to do about it.

3 Count: I Know Infringements

Taylor Swift battles with artist, Hong Kong copyright legislation hits a speed bump and Dallas Buyers Club case faces dismissal in Australia.

5 Christmas Copyright Myths

Like it or not copyright plays an important part in Christmas and, with it, comes a slew of copyright myths that refuse to enjoy a silent night.

3 Count: Grumpy Lawsuit

RIAA secures $17 million judgment against Grooveshark clone, Jeff Koons again sued for copyright infringement and Grumpy Cat is grumpy.

Strict Liability and Plagiarism

Strict liability is a legal concept that makes a person responsible for their actions no matter what. Should it be true for plagiarism too?

3 Count: Catcher in the Lawsuit

Lawsuit against J.D. Salinger's trust is dropped, Anime mall agrees to change logo amid copyright fight and Pandora hinges on royalty ruling.

3 Count: Leto’s Lawsuit

Jared Leto sues TMZ over leaked video, Elvis Presley estate battles over Germany royalties and Disney DMCAs photograph of purchased action figure.