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3 Count: Strike a Pose

Madonna wins sampling ruling in 9th Circuit, CBS Radio wins unusual verdict over pre-1972 sound recordings and Donald Trump settles with photographers.

The Strange Copyright Case of Anne Frank’s Diary

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl is the center of a copyright controversy as rightsholders claim it has a new co-author and a copyright extension.

3 Count: Inequitable Agreement

Musicians sue Sony Music over its pact with Spotify, Canada extends the copyright in sound recordings and Google Music offers a free tier.

3 Count: Iron Ruling

Sony and Ghostface Killah win ruling in Iron Man sampling lawsuit, Canada to extend copyright on sound recordings and Adult Wednesday Addams pulled.

3 Count: Subpowned…

Rightscorp DMCA subpoena effort shot down, TPP parties agree on copyright terms/extensions and BitTorrent becomes legal home for 16 films.

3 Count: Under the Gun

Second Circuit hears Google Book Search case, Kim Dotcom gets a rehearing on Hong Kong assets and more copyright extension collections coming.

3 Count: Norwegian Library

Norway to digitize all of its books, directors aren't authors according to one court and rare Beatles tracks released to renew copyright.

3 Count: Blurred Response

Marvin Gaye estate fires back in Blurred Lines suit, UK extends copyright term on sound recordings and Greek author sues over Fox film.

3 Count: Project Played-Out

Japan considering a copyright extension, trade group backs of on copyright claims over safety standards and Playlist ditches Playlists...

3 Count: Military Software

Chinese man pleaded guilty to pirating military software, Bob Dylan CD released to extend copyright and George Clinton loses copyright to four songs.