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3 Count: Download This…

Twitter sued for allegedly ignoring a DMCA notice, RIAA and others question CBS over Download.com and pirates get free legitimate Windows 10 upgrade.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 274 – Opening Strike

Copyright Alert System launches in the U.S., NASCAR files a questionable takedown and music piracy on the decline...

3 Count: Achievement Unlocked

No injunction to stop CNET from covering Bittorrent software, Google Tax bill in Germany hits a snag and petition to legalize unlocking cell phones to get a response.

3 Count: Mega Silence

Mega shutters a file search engine, Valve sued in Germany over used games and CES drops CNET over Hopper controversy.

3 Count: BitTorrent Battle

CBS defends CNET over links to Bittorrent apps, USCO names second-in-command and new research group founded in UK to explore copyright issues.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 268 – Auto Ripping

Warner wins all Superman rights, AFP illegally used photos found on Twitter and Amazon launches AutoRip!

3 Count: Buried Lede

CBS buries Hopper win at CNET, Department of Justice fights back against Megaupload claims and Norway seeks to block pirate sites.

3 Count: Drafted Proposals

OfCom introduces proposed three stirkes rules in the UK, RIAA wants CNet to remove YouTube download apps and The Black Keys sue over commercials.

3 Count: Censorship Day

First SOPA hearings met with loud protest, Costco gets another win over Omega and FilmOn founder sues CBS again.

Eps 201 – Extradite Me!

The latest news on the U.S. attempt to extradite a UK citizen for copyright infringement, SGAE raided in Spain and much more!