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3 Count: Spotty Coverage

Spotify's been operating without a long-term contract from any major label, CloudFlare sued for copyright infringement and Singapore looks at VPNs.

Reddit, CloudFlare and the Hill of Free Speech

Reddit and CloudFlare are both companies that claim to support free speech, but have shown that their policies can shift wildly when challenged.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 361 – Blurred Amendment

Universal warns judge not to violate the seventh amendment in Blurred Lines Case, Inglewood sues YouTube critic and other copyright news!

3 Count: I Don’t Know… Third Base

Cloudflare ordered to stop serving the new Grooveshark, Amazon leaves the MIC coalition and Who's On First becomes the center of a broadway dispute.

3 Count: Hola and Adios

Hola VPN creates security concerns, judge explains why Pandora owes 2.5 percent to BMI and CloudFlare challenges RIAA on restraining order.

3 Count: Rock Me Amadeus

Turtles lawsuit against SiriusXM certified as class action, NMPA sues Wolfgang's Vault and RiAA attacks Cloudflare and LeaseWeb.

3 Count: Nickelodeon Boot

Google wins injunction against MS Attorney Gneeral, the Gaye estate questions statements made during trial and Nickelodeon Reboot sued.

Review: ScrapeShield by Cloudflare

Earlier this year, CloudFlare introduces Scrapeshield, a tool to track scraping, but how well does it work? It depends on what you're trying to do.

DMCA Tip: Getting Around CloudFlare’s Network

Working with Cloudfare, the largest CDN of its kind, can be a bit difficult but there is a workaround that can help eliminate many of the challenges.

Why Finding the Host of a Site is Getting Much Harder

Cloudflare represents a major change in the way sites are being hosted. A change every person who reports abuse needs to be aware of.