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3 Count: Novel Argument

Warner/Chappell responds to Happy Birthday lawsuit, EU mull copyright levies on cloud services and record labels target Irish ISPs again.

3 Count: Closing Lz0

SiriusXM hits back at The Turtles over Pre-1972 sound recordings, major software piracy group quits and EU mulls cloud copyright levies.

Why Mega is Not a Copyright Killer

Megaupload's success, Mega, has launched and the rumors of the demise of copyright appear to be greatly exaggerated.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 257 – Valuable Lyrics

How much are music lyrics worth? Also, judge rules Superman can stay with DC Comics and The Pirate Bay looks to the cloud for more reliable hosting.

3 Count: Super Ruling

Superman's rights to stay with DC Comics, for now at least, The Pirate Bay moves to the cloud and BuzzFeed sued over photographs.

3 Count: All Apologies

New Zealand's PM apologizes to Dotcom, EU looks at copyright levies on cloud storage and gay couple sues conservative group over photo infringement.

3 Count: RI-Double Down

The RIAA undergoes some severe budget cuts, Australia is mulling digital copyright reform and Fareed Zakaria resigns from Yale to trim workload.

3 Count: Cloud 9

The latest on Amazon's new Cloud Music Service, Righthaven wins a round in court and accusations of bias against a P2P judge.