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3 Count: Cars vs Autobots

Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven lawsuit makes it to the jury, Disney sues Chinese filmmakers over Cars clone and Facebook inks deals with creators.

3 Count: Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover sues Chinese automaker over copycat car, Canada Post drops lawsuit over postal codes and Axl Rose sends DMCA notices over meme photo.

3 Count: Useless Articles

US Trade Representative releases Special 301 report, YouTube announced Content ID improvements and there's no Klingon word for copyright...

3 Count: The Streaming Bay

The Pirate Bay launches new video streaming service, MTN accused of selling music without a license and video game cracking group to take a one year hiatus.

3 Count: Renewed Vows

CBS defends blocking Time Warner customers, China vows to do more to protect news content and US Government releases previously seized domain.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 374 – Injunction Junction

TVEyes hit with an injunction, former Prenda attorney facing disciplinary board, MPAA seek injunction against MovieTube and more copyright news!

3 Count: All Apologies

Survivor member sues Mike Huckabee over Eye of the Tiger, Australia site blocking gets a test and Autodesk gets apology as part of a settlement.

3 Count: TVPadded

TVPad hit with $65 million default judgment, R.E.M. angered over Donald Trump using their music and Moschino designer served in Katy Perry dress case.

3 Count: Copied Bean

Oracle amends its lawsuit against Google, artist behind Chicago bean accuses Chinese town of plagiarism and one artist turns infringement into charity.

3 Count: All Dragons, No Dungeons

Dungeon & Dragons lawsuit is settled, Foxtel planning site blocking lawsuit and Beijing Olympics song accused of ripping off Frozen.