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What Businesses Need to Know About Copyright and Their Sites

Small Businesses needs sites, but that site can be either your worst legal nightmare or how your competitors unfairly beat you. Here's how to stop it.

5 Plagiarism Myths Many Still Believe

When it comes to plagiarism, there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings out there. Here are five of the top plagiarism myths debunked.

3 Count: Gangnam Profits?

Foxtel wants UK-style site blcoking in Australia, Kim Dotcom gets go ahead to sue New Zealand spy agency and how much as Gangnam Style made?

Hired Plagiarism: The Changing Business of Plagiarism

Paying for plagiarism may seem silly, but it's an old practice that's finding new life online. Why is the business of plagiarism booming?

Self-Plagiarism: Ethical Shortcut or Moral Scourge?

Self-plagiarism has become a topic of hot debate in academia and elsewhere. But is it an issue worth worrying about?

How Plagiarism Today Got Started, Grew Up and Became a Business

If you've ever wondered how this site was founded and how it grew into a business, here's your look at the process and how it unfolded over the past five plus years.

On Copyright and Business Models

The thorniest question for many copyright holders is "What is the new business model?" However, it's also the wrong question.