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3 Count: Getting Meta

FilmOn loses key appeals court decision, MetArt wants sanctions against tube sites and Marc Randazza files a controversial DMCA notice.

3 Count: Closing Down

Aereo closes up shop while legal fight continues, Ghostface Killah loses sampling case after no shows and German registrar held liable for piracy.

3 Count: Aereo Injunction

Judge issues preliminary injunction against Aereo, LMFAO claims Rick Ross is holding up their legal battle and Google's penalty hits pirate sites hard.

3 Count: Bulbasaur Fainted

Broadcasters seek a broad injunction against Aereo, Rightscorp wasn't to redirect pirates until they pay and Pokemon planter draws Nintendo's ire.

3 Count: Supreme Aereo

The Aereo case is headed to the Supreme Court, film studios face antitrust investigation in the EU and Ellen Degeneres' screener leaks online.

3 Count: Graffiti Louvre

Judge refuses to lift FilmOn X injunction, Graffiti artists threaten legal action over building destruction and Avatar judge may be disqualified.

3 Count: Homeland Battle

Megaupload accuses U.S. government of flip flopping, Cory Doctorow's latest book mistaken for TV show and Aereo goes on ad offensive.

3 Copyright Lawsuits That Aren’t Dead Yet

Litigation rarely has a neat ending, even if the media likes to pretend it does. Here are three supposedly-dead lawsuits that live on...

3 Count: SOCAed

Netherlands and Bulgaria put ACTA on hold, the UK seizes a music download domain and Aereo may challenge broadcasters on copyright.