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3 Count: Under the Gun

Second Circuit hears Google Book Search case, Kim Dotcom gets a rehearing on Hong Kong assets and more copyright extension collections coming.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 267 – Technical Difficulties

Technical issue abound on this edition of the Copyright 2.0 Show but we still have the latest on Vimeo, Aereo and much more!

3 Count: Military Software

Chinese man pleaded guilty to pirating military software, Bob Dylan CD released to extend copyright and George Clinton loses copyright to four songs.

3 Count: Guyana Textbooks

Six Strikes coming to the US this year, Guyana admits to using pirated textbooks and Bob Dylan lashes out over plagiarism allegations.

3 Count: Piracy Killer

Bob Dylan is accused of artwork plagiarism, Spotify hurts piracy in Sweden and another NinjaVideo admin pleads guilty.