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3 Count: Klinging On

Judge refuses to dismiss the Axanar lawsuit, Led Zeppelin's attorneys want to re-depose expert witnesses and study shows site blocking reduces piracy.

3 Count: Non-Exclusive Lawsuit

Tidal sued over Kanye West exclusivity, Australian record labels seek to block Kickass Torrents and Moschino says graffiti can't be copyrighted.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 375 – Judgments and Collections

YouTube offers to help fight false takedown notices, Cox may be on the hook for piracy and Kim Dotcom's extradition hearing wraps up.

3 Count: Waiting for Extradition

Kim Dotcom extradition hearing wraps up, other Megaupload employee released from prison and The Pirate Bay not to be blocked in Sweden.

How Unethical Hosts Fake DMCA Compliance

When it comes to DMCA and other abuse notices, some hosts don't just fail to comply, they will actually block the person who bothered to complain.

3 Count: Miss(ing) Cleo

T-Mobile declines to block The Pirate Bay in Austria, The Game sued over cover art and Miss Cleo is back and at the center of a copyright lawsuit.

Should Your Site Block VPNs and Proxies?

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, allow anonymous users to access your site. Sadly, that includes spammers and scrapers. It is time to block VPNs?

3 Count: Australian Blockade

Australia moves one step closer to site blocking, Greek Pirate Party adopts a BitTorrent tracker and The Guardian removes critic's video.

3 Count: The 10th Justice

U.S. Solicitor asks SCOTUS to stay out of Google/Oracle for now, 7 eBook sites to be blocked in the UK and Fox News gets help against TVEyes.

3 Count: Buttered Popcorn

Popcorn Time variants ordered blocked in the UK, Russian bill to expand protections for music to take effect and Google, Amazon and others form MIC.