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3 Count: Android Pirates

Android app pirate pleads guilty to copyright infringement, Beyonce accused of plagiarism in Hold Up music video and Blizzard to meet with server admins.

3 Count: Stairway to Lemonade

Kirtsaeng returns to the Supreme Court, Led Zeppelin plaintiffs severely limited at trial and Beyonce embraces collaboration and songwriter credit.

3 Count: Bass Drop

Deadmau5 sues former label over unauthorized remixes, Razer splits with Carnage over pirated software controversy and appeal expected in Beyonce case.

3 Count: Buttered Popcorn

Main Popcorn Time fork goes down permanently as developers launch a new project, Beyonce emerges victorious in XO lawsuit.

3 Count: Canadian Defeat

Google suffers legal defeat in Canada, CODE act met with a divisive response and Beyonce is sued for $7 million over XO.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 275 – Soap Opera

This week, we talk about the soap opera surrounding Prenda Law, the Pirate Bay founders losing their appeal and a legal setback for Kim Dotcom.

3 Count: Gotta Dance

Paper says eliminating DRM could reduce piracy, Righthaven pleads for a reprieve and Beyonce accused of dance plagiarism.

3 Count: P2P Dispute

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Beyonce's Record Company Puts a Ring On Her YouTube Channel First off...

Saturday Linkroll: A New Year

It is a new year and time for another linkroll for the week's copyright news. This one includes a great deal of music news...