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3 Count: Songwriter Blues

Songwriter organization sues Department of Justice over 100% licensing rules, Beatles concert at Shea Stadium center of lawsuit and Adblock Plus sells ads.

3 Count: Break Dancing

Break.com is sued over copyright infringement, Kim Dotcom appeals to get his money back and Sony wins fight against Beatles documentary.

3 Count: Under the Gun

Second Circuit hears Google Book Search case, Kim Dotcom gets a rehearing on Hong Kong assets and more copyright extension collections coming.

3 Count: Norwegian Library

Norway to digitize all of its books, directors aren't authors according to one court and rare Beatles tracks released to renew copyright.

3 Count: Unsettled Issues

Songwriter files lawsuit against music licensing service, PayPal cuts off and freezes assets of iPredator and Let it Be opens despite copyright controversy.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 292 – Unarmed Jailbreak

This week on the Copyright 2.0 Show, we have update son Aereo, Jammie Thomas-Rasset and DRM gone awry...

3 Count: Let it Be

TV networks denied another appeal over Aereo, Beatles tribute bands wind up in court and unpublished Marilyn Monroe images to be sold at auction with copyright.

3 Count: AutoRip

Amazon offers free digital versions of physical CDs, a remix artist battles Lionsgate over his work and Love Me Do is in the public domain in the EU.

3 Count: D’oh!

The latest on, sigh, Righthaven's screwups, Baidu drops document search and EMI gets nearly a cool million for Beatles-related infringement.

3 Count: Blue Beatles

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Author Slams eBook Piracy, Son Outs Her As a Music Pirate First...